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If you don’t get a laugh out of that genius little pun there, you may not find this place very amusing, but since you’re reading, let’s talk.

Cat Purrspective is a website inspired by my little guy, Speedy, who passed away April 1st, 2020 who will forever own a big piece of my heart. Pictures will follow in a minute.

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Now, back to Speedy….I adopted him when he was a kitten and had him his entire life until he died at around 19.5 years. Truly, the sweetest little man in the world:

No filter: check out the blue, green, yellow, orange/rust colours in his eyes. I never tired of it. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this little man’s eyes?!

Another one of my favourite kitty pictures. I would open the door in the morning to start out day so he could soak in the sun. “The sun came out for my son!”, I’d say:

That’s it for now. My heart is super tender from his recent loss. Perhaps I will add to his picture collection. Until then, feel free to comment or reach out. Keep your kittens and cats healthy and loved! <3