6 Tips To Stop Male Cats From Spraying

Cat spraying is a natural habit that can suddenly start without any notice. However, it would help if you stopped the spraying as soon as possible.

Try to figure out what might be the cause of this behavior. Most of the time, spraying is either done to signal a potential mate, mark territory, or a sign of illness.

Below are 6 tips on how to stop a male cat from spraying. You can finally get rid of this bad behavior that has been causing your home to possibly have a bad odor. PS. Check out our Ragdoll Health Guide here.

1. Provide Everything That Your Cat Needs

When you have more than one cat in the house, you need to ensure that each of them has everything they need. Otherwise, your male cat might be going around marking its territory. Ensure that male cats have their drink and food bowl, bedding, litter trays, and toys.

You also need to provide several hiding places around the home. Your pet will, therefore, have a place to escape to now and then. Try having a cat tree that provides both low and high spaces for your pet to have fun.

2. Clean The Litter Trays

You probably know by now that cats are extremely clean creatures that love living in a tidy environment. Cleaning the toilet space regularly ensures that your male cat always has an excellent place to do its business.

The litter tray needs regular cleaning, especially when you have more than one cat in the house. Understand that a dirty litter tray will force your cat to go elsewhere.

Your male cat may, therefore, be spraying around the house because it doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

3. Stop Any Conflicts

Have you taken the time to find out whether there is a kitty conflict in your home? A stressed cat may start urinating in different places due to anxiety, or the need to mark their territory. Male cats, mainly, take these kinds of conflicts quite seriously.

If you have only one cat, then try to find out whether outside cats are walking by or visiting your garden. Indoor cats can be stressed out immensely when outdoor cats enter their territory regularly.

Stop any cats from visiting your home or close all blinds and curtains. Whatever you do, ensure that your cat doesn’t see any outside cats around the house.

4. Clean All Spray Marks

Clean any spray marks around your home as soon as possible. Why is cleaning necessary, especially when it comes to male cats? Well, the scents from the marks act as a potent reminder to your cat to go back to the same location.

Cats, like all other animals, are creatures of habit. You will notice that spraying only occurs in some specific regions. Use an enzyme-based cleaner to clean any spray sites around your home thoroughly.

Do not use any detergent that contains ammonia when dealing with spray marks. Your home needs to be kept fresh at all times.

5. Check With Your Vet

When spraying continues after taking all the necessary steps, or it is an unusual behavior for your male cat, then you need to see your veterinarian.

Understand that you only go to the vet when the remedies mentioned above don’t produce the desired results.

Sometimes, a male cat spraying might be a sign of underlying health problems. Seeing a vet is essential, especially when your cat is marking outside the litter box. Your vet will examine your male cat to rule out any health problems.

6. Create A Positive And Calm Environment

Your cat needs a reassuring environment that is both structured and controlled. Without a positive and calm environment, your male cat can start spraying due to anxiety.

Start creating a suitable environment for your cat by ensuring that you maintain a strict feeding timetable. Try reducing all the stress factors that may be affecting your cat.

Using the six tips provided above, you can stop your male cat from spraying. Start by identifying what might be the cause of the problem to help find the solution.


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