Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Cats!

Did you notice that your cat has begun to scratch a bit more than normal? This may be because of fleas. If fleas are a nuisance to you when they get onto bedding or a sofa, just imagine how your furry friend feels when fleas are lodged in their fur.

There are plenty of things that you can do to prevent fleas, and make sure they never find their way back into your home again. Below are some methods you can use to safely get rid of fleas on your cat, and prevent them from returning.

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Invest In A Flea Collar

Flea collars kill fleas, their eggs and larvae, and ticks almost immediately. They also repel fleas. When you put the collar on your cat, it will do one of two things.

It will either release a toxic gas that will kill or repel fleas, or it will release a substance that dissolves and spreads throughout the fatty layers of skin on your cat.  All fleas remaining on their body will be killed.

Topical Treatments And Shampoos

Topical treatments, also known as “spot-on” medications, deposit chemicals into your cat’s sebaceous glands. The active ingredient will then be released and moved throughout the glands that lubricate your cat’s fur. Topical treatments are usually applied between the pet’s shoulder blades, so they can’t lick it off.

Flea shampoos, on the other hand, kill fleas by contact, rather than through the skin or glands. To properly use flea shampoo, make sure your cat’s fur is thoroughly wet with water. Then rub the shampoo through the entirety of the fur, while being sure no suds get into the eyes or ears.

Flea Pills

Flea pills are a fast way to act on your pet’s fleas. Depending on what type of pills you get for your furry friend, it will target fleas and other pests that may be living in their fur.

It may kill fleas, and even inhibit their ability to lay eggs on your cat’s fur. If it just inhibits, you may need to use another option for flea protection and prevention in order to be rid of the fleas completely.

Clean And Treat Your Home

Cleaning and treating your home is just as important as treating and cleaning your cat. It is possible for fleas to find their way onto your sofa or rug, and the cycle will only repeat itself again and again.

To treat and clean your home to prevent further fleas, you should wash the bedding in your home routinely to prevent fleas from latching onto them and laying eggs.

Wash your pet’s bedding routinely as well, because that may be a major point for an infestation. Vacuum your entire home, even your hardwood floors, furniture, rugs, and carpets. If needed, you may have to contact a professional to come into your home and rid the fleas for you.

Clean And Treat Your Yard

The best defense against fleas is usually to keep your cat indoors, so that the fleas don’t find a way into your cat’s fur and your home. But if your cat, for any reason, needed to go outside, you may need to take extra precautions to ensure fleas don’t find a way in.

Keeping your lawn trimmed, and using a yard spray that kills fleas are great ways to protect your furry friend’s fur, as well as your home, from unwanted guests.

Oftentimes, your cat will suffer in silence. However, constant itching, patches of hair loss, and biting at the legs may be crucial to know whether or not there is a flea problem in your home.

Taking the necessary precautions to protect and prevent your furry friend from fleas is important, because fleas can carry and transfer diseases to your pet.

That is the last thing we want for them. The above tips may be helpful in getting rid of fleas and getting your furry friend back to their happy, healthy self.


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