How Are Cats Microchipped?

How Cats are Microchipped?

As a responsible cat owner, one thing that you need to consider is whether you want to microchip your cat. This is a simple procedure that can be done quickly without a lot of pain or cost at all. And it will ensure that your cat can be reunited with you no matter how you get separated.

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What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is a simple procedure that adds a chip to your cat. On this chip will include all the information about you and your cat, including your name, their name, and your address and contact information. If you and your cat get separated at some point, it is easy for anyone who finds them to get the cat back to you. They simply need to take your cat into a vet and the vet can look at the microchip to see who the cat belongs to.

To get this process done, the vet will use a needle to place a small chip right under the skin of the cat. There are a few choices of where to place this, but it often is between the shoulders. The chip will contain a number that is unique that can be read by a little scanner any time the pet is brought into a vet clinic. This is a process that can be done for many types of mammals.

Does This Take Long?

It will only take your vet a few minutes to microchip the cat so you can get it done during one of their traditional checkups if you would like. It can take just a few seconds to inject the chip into the skin. In fact, you will most likely spend more time filling out the paperwork compared to anything else. In some areas, you do not need to wait for your vet to be available to get it done, though it is best if you have a vet or another qualified professional do it for you.

Will This Hurt My Pet?

There is minimal pain when you give your cat a microchip. It is just a little shot to get the chip inside so it will not hurt any more than having a vaccine or having some blood drawn for your cat. The needle is a little bit bigger than some other procedures so that can be intimidating and hard to work with, but it won’t cause more than a little pinch.

Many times, you can do it along with a few other common procedures, such as when you neuter and spay your cat, so they will not get more pain than necessary, and many cats will not even flinch or make a fuss when it is done.

Reasons to Microchip Your Cat

There are a number of reasons why you would want to add a microchip to your cat. This is important even if you have a collar and name tag that provides your personal information. Some of the main reasons cat owners are interested in microchipping includes:

  • It provides a safe and permanent form of ID for the cat, one that can’t accidentally slip off or get lost.
  • Will make it more likely that you can reunite with your cat. Anyone who finds them just needs to take the cat into the vet and then the vet can call you.
  • The procedure does not cost a lot, will not cause pain to your cat, and can be done quickly.
  • This microchip will help your cat be found if a natural disaster occurs.
  • Reduces how many stray or homeless cats are out in the world.
  • Reduces how likely it is that your cat will become a victim or get injured when they are lost. When they can be found faster, they will be home with you instead of being harmed.

Final Thought

Microchipping your cat is an important decision that you can make as a cat owner. It doesn’t take long to do and does not cost a lot of money. But it will ensure that your cat is reunited with you if they run away or something else happens to separate them from you.


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