How To Get Your Cat To Swallow Pills Easier

Are you looking for information on how to get your cat to take oral medications without a fuss? Do you dread having to give your cat medicine? Here are some ideas on how to make this much easier, both on yourself and your feline friend.

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Show Your Cat Some Respect

If you want your cat to do something for you, you need to start by not interrupting them during times that are important to them, or times when they want to finish what they are doing without an audience. Do not interrupt your cat when they are eating to try to get them to take a pill.

This may seem like it is a good time to administer medicine, and it may be, but you need to plan it out first. Do not wait until you see them eating to assume that this is the time to give them medicine.

Also, do not interrupt them when they are going to the bathroom. If your cat is trying to do their business and you either stop them from completing, or you stand over them and watch, they will certainly not be receptive to your wants and needs.

Finally, do not interrupt your cat when they are grooming. Grooming is important to a cat, just like it is to us. You probably have a routine, and you most likely do not stray very far from it. Your cat is no different.

Understand The Medicine

Ask your vet what you can and can not do with the medicine. This will help you to come up with a game plan on how to best get your cat to cooperate.

What you want to find out is if the medicine needs to be given whole, or if it can either be broken up into smaller pieces or even crushed. Not all medicines can be crushed, so it is important to ask these questions first.

Give Your Cat A Special Meal

We have already discussed that you do not want to interrupt mealtime, but that does not mean that you can’t give your cat medicine during the meal. You just need to plan it ahead of time.

You can give your cat a wet meal, or a special meal of your choice and hide the pill in the meal. If your cat is hungry and ready for breakfast or dinner, they should eat it up.

If you can cut it into small pieces, or crush it and sprinkle on top with your vet’s permission, this would be the ideal time for this.

Put The Medicine In A Treat

If you do not want to place the pill in your cat’s main meals, you can always try to put them in a treat instead. Depending upon the type of treat you are using, this can be a little more difficult

They do make treats that have a spot to insert the medicine inside, so you might want to consider purchasing something like that to make it a little easier.

You could also wrap the treat around the pill, if you are using homemade treats that are soft and pliable. You can give your cat a small treat or two, then the pill, then another treat or two. If they are already happily eating the treats, they will take the pill as well.

Use A Pill Popper

You can use a pill popper, a device that allows you to put a pill inside, and then shoot it in your cat’s mouth to deposit the pill. That way, you won’t face the danger of your cat getting angry with you, and taking a bite out of your fingers.

Don’t dry shoot a pill, as this could cause the cat to choke or aspirate. Some people wrap the pill in butter first, or use a similar greasy food to guide the pill down more easily. If it’s possible, you could ask if the pill can be dissolved in liquid first.

There are many different ways to administer pills to your cat. The most important thing is that you think about how you are going to do it ahead of time.

Respect your cat by doing it when they are not already doing something else. Hopefully, this article has given you plenty of ideas on how to give medicine to your cat.


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