How To Keep Your Cat Safe Around A Pool

We all understand that kids have to be kept safe around swimming pools, but what about our beloved pets? Now, you may be thinking that taking care of a cat around the pool is tedious and impossible. However, it is more simple and straightforward than you might think.

This article will take an in-depth look at how to be safe with your cat around a pool. Understand that these are safety tips to ensure that your cat is kept safe around the pool all year round.

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Teach Your Cat How To Swim

Although most cats avoid water, it is always a good idea to teach your cat how to swim. Giving your cat swimming lessons is an excellent way of teaching them how to react when they fall into the pool.

The intention of training your cat to swim is to save their life in case of an emergency. Introduce your feline friend to the water slowly, at the beginning. It would help if you held your cat throughout the first lesson.

However, protect your arms, because your cat may try to claw its way out of the water. Use a glove or wet suit to ensure that you don’t get any scratches.

Let your cat go, gradually, until their kitty instincts kick in and they start swimming. Understand that it might take a while before your cat learns how to swim. You will have to exercise a lot of patience while teaching them.

Provide Entry And Exit Assistance For Your Cat

You need to ensure that your cat has an easy entry and exit into your pool. Understand that getting inside the pool might be easy; however, getting out becomes the problem.

You might be asking yourself why cats find it quite challenging to get out of the pool. Well, their fur gets heavy, and they can’t support the added weight.

When you have a cat that loves the water, you must provide a ramp that provides an easy exit. Your cat will find it easy to walk both in and out of the pool. Look online for a suitable pet ramp that you can install in your swimming pool.

Dry Your Cat’s Ears

Your cat has gotten out of the water, but what happens next? The first thing that you need to do is dry their ears. The pool water usually sits in the ear canal and can lead to bacterial overgrowth. Soon enough, your cat will start experiencing a lot of pain, once it turns into an infection.

Your cat’s ears have to be dry at all times. Use a soft towel or soft cotton balls to dry the ears properly. It would help if you also had plenty of fresh water around the pool.

The cat will, therefore, shy away from drinking the pool water, which can be filled with chemicals. Preferably, you should look for chlorine-free water treatments. After swimming, you cat should be rinsed off well.

Install An Alarm

A pool alarm is always a good idea when you have people, kids, dogs, and cats wandering about the neighborhood. A simple pool alarm may be the difference between life and death.

Your alarm will alert you whenever there are any disturbances around the pool area. You could also purchase a water-detecting collar from online stores. The collar will alert you whenever your cat gets into the pool.

You should also learn cat CPR, just in case your cat gets into trouble. This skill will come in handy, should there be any accidents in the pool.

CPR will ensure that your cat survives the trip to the vet, making it quite vital. Otherwise, follow the tips above to ensure that safety around the pool with your cat is assured.


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