How to Keep Your Kitty Away from the Christmas Tree

How to keep your kitty away from the Christmas tree

With Christmas around the corner, you have so much to do. You need to buy gifts for family and friends, decorative items for your home, and of course pick out the Christmas tree. Though all this is fun, if you have a cat at home, there can be one big concern – what if your kitty is attracted to the tree?

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Learn How to Prevent Accidents Before they Happen

Not only will then all your efforts go into vain, but it can also be dangerous for your little friend as well. Cats can get injured if they climb the tree and it falls on them. Also, broken ornaments can be very dangerous for your kitty and result in cuts. And, if your cat ingests the strings, yarn, or other decorations, it can lead to intestinal issues and may require surgery.

Follow these Steps to Ensure a Safe Holiday

It is thus important to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree. But how do you do so you may ask? Well, it is very simple, and you need to follow the four easy tips shared below.

Choosing a Smaller Tree Could Be Helpful

If you feel your kitty may climb and knock over the Christmas tree, then opt for a smaller one this year. In case it gets toppled, it will cause less damage and not hurt your cat. You may even get a little tabletop tree that you can close off in a different room when the kitties are around.

Another concern is that your naughty friend might eat the tree. Now, if they ingest the sap, pine needles, or tree water, it can result in skin irritation, vomiting, and stomach injury. So, to avoid this situation, you can opt for an artificial tree instead.

Consider Using a Cat Repellent

There are many spray repellents that you can use, and it will help keep your kitty at a safe distance from the tree. Some choices you have include citrus oil, citronella, and Bitter Apple spray. You may even spray some diluted vinegar solution on the base of your tree, and your kitty will not come close

Create Road Blocks

Consider the height of your kitten and the size of your Christmas tree. Keeping this in mind, you can place a few obstacles around the tree so that the kitty is unable to reach it.

Also, remove any table or chair that your cat may use to jump higher into your tree. Furthermore, you can wrap the base of the tree with aluminum foil. Kitties do not like digging into foil, and thus your tree will stay safe.

Be Conscious About Choosing the Decorations

If you cover your tree with dangly, sparkly baubles, then it will be difficult for your kitty to resist. So, you must try to make your tree as cat-friendly as you can this season. For the purpose, avoid hanging any edible or breakable decorations at the lower part of your tree. Please keep the lowest branches free from any ornaments at all.

Final Thoughts

Following these tips will quite likely help keep your kitty away from the tree. But, do not get so busy with the preparations that you forget about the needs of your cats. Your kitty needs your love and attention. So, make sure you pamper your little friend and shower them with lots of time, love, and also some presents during this festive season.


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