How to Memorialize a Cat Who Has Passed Away

How to Memorialize a Cat Who Has Passed Away

Losing your cat is never a good experience. They are a part of your family and you never want to say goodbye. Many cat owners want to find a good way to memorialize their cat who passed away. Some of the best ways to do this include:

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The Most Popular Thing is to Get Memory Pieces

While cremation is a popular choice with cats, you can now take it a little further and create a special memory piece with your cat’s ashes. There are several companies who can do this for you, taking the ashes and turning it into some types of jewelry based on your specifications. There are other unique options available such as adding the ashes into a special painting of the cat, turning the ashes into a diamond, or even using them to create a special firework.

If you would like to stick with something that is a little more traditional, it is possible to use the ashes to make a beautiful urn or container just for your pet. This helps you to keep a part of your cat with you without having to do anything that may feel uncomfortable for you. There are a lot of different options that you can choose when you cremate your cat and you can look at the options and your comfort level when making the decision.

Plant a Tree in Honor of Your Cat

This is a beautiful way to remember your cat while also doing something great for someone you love. You can easily find a good spot in the garden or your yard and plant a sapling. This helps you to keep the tree around for a long time, and as time goes on, you can easily remember the cat. If you live in an apartment or don’t have room for a tree near your home, you can plant one in a public space as well.

Just contact the Arbor Day Foundation in your state to help with this and they can plant the tree and show you how to get the process done based on where you live.

Donating to a Special Cause

Another option that you can try to help memorialize your cat is to make a donation in their name. You can choose the charity or the animal center where you would like to do this. If you would like to take this to the next stage, some shelters will offer plaques or bricks in exchange for any donations that they receive. This helps you to get something to remember your cat by while also helping out many other animals who are in need.

If you feel that it is a good fit for your family, you can even consider adopting or fostering other cats to help out even more. This can fill the hole left in your heart when your cat has died and will help keep cats and other animals off the streets and away from shelters, so they have a good home.

Volunteer Your Time

Some people find that being hands-on with helping others can make them feel better after their cat has died. You can volunteer at an animal charity or your local shelter and give back to your community. There are a lot of opportunities that you can enjoy when you are ready to volunteer. You could do something like feeding small kittens who do not have a mother, pet cats, and walk dogs.

If you happen to have a special skill that the shelter is able to use, you can tell them and see if you can donate your time doing that. For example, some people who are good at photography may want to take photos of the animals and help post these online to help the animals find a new home. A little bit of time helping out other animals in need in your area is a great way to help remember your cat after they die.

Each cat is special and holds a special place in your home. Consider all of the great methods you can use to make memorializing a cat who has passed away personal and special to you and your family.


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