How to Prevent Your Cats Fur From Matting

How to Prevent Your Cats Fur From Matting

Various factors cause matted fur in cats. The matted cat’s coat may occur when the hair overgrows and becomes tangled or forms small knots. The matted fur can occur due to the cat shedding the undercoat, whereby the fur gets caught or stuck to the topcoat. In some cases, the problem occurs when the cat fur becomes oily or dirty. The good news is that you can prevent the issue of matting. So, how can you avoid matting in cat’s fur?

Here are a few tips to help you prevent matting in cat’s fur:

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Groom Your Cat as Often or From an Early Age

Cats are quite sensitive, especially the furry ones when it comes to grooming. However, the earlier they get used to it, the better, which helps prevent fur matting. Note that grooming the cat does not necessarily entail washing their fur but rather a regular combing of their fur.

This helps to prevent the fur from tangling or even dirt accumulating to the skin. Regular combing of the cat fur helps eliminate any dead skin and oils that may form on the undercoat. For kittens or cats introduced to the grooming process, do it gently, so they don’t feel irritation on the skins.

Use the Right Grooming Tools

The other crucial thing that can help prevent fur matting in cats is using the right grooming kits. Note that not all brushes are effective for combing the furry breeds. You need a soft brush that conveniently reaches to the root of the fur to comb it without hurting the skin of your pet.

The same case goes for cats with short hair. A cat with short fur needs a unique brush that combs through the fur without injuring their skin. So, when buying the grooming tools, make sure to purchase the models designed for the fur size or type that your cat has.

Use a Mat Breaker

A mat breaker is a must-have tool, especially if your cat has long furs. This working tool is designed in a much compact size than the combing brush but does wonders in detangling the cat fur. The mat breaker is useful for detangling the fur knots that are not too tight for easy combing. The mat breaker is highly recommendable for sensitive cats since it gets the work done pretty fast, even before the cat notices it.

Make Sure You Tend to the Undercoat Too

This is a mistake that a large number of cat owners make when grooming their cats. Even if your pet has silky and smooth fur, you cannot guarantee that the undercoat is soft. Besides, in most cases, the fur matting occurs from the undercoat up. So, if you leave the undercoat unattended, chances of matting of the fur are quite high.

Also, combing from the undercoat helps eliminate dirt and oils that may be harboring under the surface. Therefore, always comb the cat’s fur from under the surface up.

Ensure the Cat is Eating Healthy Meals

Pets are just like humans beings, and thus, their health is hugely determined by what they are fed on. A cat eating a healthy balanced diet grows health and silky fur, which is not easy to mat as opposed to a cat eating unhealthy meals. Feed your cat foods that are nourishing to their coat and hair. If you are not familiar with the right nutrients to incorporate in your cat’s food, consult your vet for a meal plan for your pet.

Hire a Professional Groomer

This is a crucial tip for people who are always on the move or have no skills to take care of your cat. Professional cat groomers are equipped with skills and knowledge to handle different cats with varying fur natures, ranging from short too long. Some cats with extra-long fur may need extra grooming tactics to ensure it is properly done, something only a technician can do.

Final Words

If you want to bring in a cat and a furry one to be precise, or you already have one in the house, these are the top best methods to use to prevent matting in your cat’s fur. For new cat owners, please consult your vet on caring for your cat, especially when grooming, to ensure you are doing it right and healthy. Above all the tips and consulting your vet, ensure a regular check on your cat, especially their fur and skin, so you can detect if they have any skin problem.


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