How to Train Your Kittens To Use The Litter

As a cat owner, teaching your kitten how to use a litter box should be your top priority. The best part is that litter training is relatively easy, once they arrive in a new home.

Most kittens understand the purpose of the litter box from their mothers. Those who didn’t learn from their mothers are often guided by their instinct to bury their waste once they are done.

Nevertheless, if your kitten requires some pointers, training them is fairly simple. As a result, in this article, we shall be discussing how to train your kitten to use a litter box.

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What You Need To Train Your Kitten

train kitten to use litter

Some of the vital essentials that are required, when training your kitten to use a litter box, are included below.

Litter Boxes

It is highly recommended to have more litter boxes than the actual number of your cats in your home. You should also consider having two litter boxes if this kitten is your first kitten. Furthermore, you should set them in a place that will offer privacy while they are going to the bathroom.

Kitty Litter

There are many kitty litters on the market today, ranging from inexpensive clay to eco-friendly, from materials like recycled newspaper and pine pallets.

Treats And Toys

You should try to reward your kitten whenever you see them using their litter box. To create a positive association, you should consider rewarding them with toys and/or treats.

Litter Training Your Kitten

As previously mentioned, litter training a kitten is relatively easy. The first thing you should consider doing is to show them their boxes once they arrive. It would be best if you did this by letting them sniff, as well as examine, their new litter box.

Once you show them the box, you should not move it to avoid confusing your kitten. Consider putting your kitten in the litter once they have a meal, or after waking up.

Whenever you notice that your kitten needs to go, it’s often characterized by them crouching or sniffing a particular area. You should then pick them up and put them in their litter box.

Whenever you spot them using the litter box on their own, you should praise and pet them. You should avoid punishing or scolding them as a result of any accidents that may occur.

By doing so, it would create anxiety and stress. This might exacerbate the issue, making the training process more difficult. You should note that kittens don’t associate the penalty with the incident; therefore, it is best for you to train them on what to do in the future.

When litter training your kitten, it is highly recommended that you take certain measures with their litter box. This will not only help in getting rid of the awful smell, but will help in making the training process more pleasant for your kitten.

You should consider scooping the box on a daily basis. Once this is done, you should replace the litter that you scooped out. You should also consider disinfecting the litter box when changing the litter.

To do this, use water, along with mild soap or white vinegar. You should avoid using bleach, harsh chemicals, or commercial disinfectants, as this might harm your kitten.

You should note that learning how to use a litter box is critical in the early development of a cat. The best part is that kittens tend to understand the purpose of the litter box, and are often drawn to use it with less encouragement.

However, if you have a new kitten in the house, this can be a different story. As a result, you should consider using the above tips to help you litter train your kitten with the utmost of ease.


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