Introducing Cats To A New Baby

If you’re looking forward to the arrival of a new infant, it is crucial that you first prepare your cat adequately for such a significant change. Remember that your cat is used to being the baby in the family.

Therefore, when a new child comes into the picture and tries to take their place, some tension may develop. Below are some helpful tips that will ensure your cat transitions smoothly into the new baby-centered set-up.

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Change Your Cat’s Environment Progressively

Seeing as there is a new child on the way, preparations need to be put in place. Such developments include setting up a nursery and adding new furniture.

If you want your cat to adjust to the new environment, always ensure that you change everything gradually to give them time to adjust.

Most, if not all cats, rely on consistency. Any small changes to their environment can lead to high amounts of stress.

When you are done preparing everything for the baby, take your pet into these areas and play with them. This will familiarize them with their new spaces, and you can observe how they respond.

If the cat gets used to the new environment, you may find that they will want to frequent the area more. You may even see them playing or sleeping in the crib. While this might be adorable, it shouldn’t be encouraged.

Cats dislike walking on sticky or prickly surfaces. Therefore, to discourage the cat from sleeping in the crib, you can place a carpet protector with the nubby side up.

If your cat likes to perch on the dressing table, you can turn them away by putting a piece of cardboard on the surface, covered with double-sided tape.

Prepare Your Cat For Baby Sounds

A baby’s scream can cause discomfort in your cat. Always ensure that you prepare your cat for any sounds that your baby might make, including crying.

You can find various videos of babies crying on YouTube. Play these videos for your cat, at lower volumes, while they sleep or eat.

With every session, raise the volume gradually until the cat appears comfortable. You can also introduce your cat to some baby toys before the baby comes home.

Prepare Your Cat For Baby Smells

The best way to ensure that your pet adjusts to baby smells is to associate any baby lotions or perfumes with the treats they like. By doing so, your cat will positively associate various baby smells with the baby even before they are born.

Ensure That Your Cat’s Schedule Remains In Place

A new baby, understandably, comes with a lot of responsibility, and everyone’s attention shifts to them. However, you should also try and pay attention to your cat to prevent them from feeling neglected.

If you can’t play with your cat, ask someone else to do it while you attend to the newborn. If there are many guests at a time and your cat isn’t used to that, you can try using pheromones to try and curb the stress accompanied with many visitors.

Alternatively, you can keep your cat in a safe room if you find that they are unable to calm down in such a situation.

Always Supervise

Although cats are gentle, you should never leave the baby unattended with them. Things can go awry, and either of the two can get hurt. The need for supervision grows even more once your child becomes mobile.

It would be best if you did not allow your child to chase or grab your cat when you aren’t around. To avoid this, you can keep the two parties behind separate doors or rooms if you aren’t around to supervise.

Without a doubt, it takes patience and time to prepare a cat for the arrival of a new baby. Always ensure that you respect your cat’s space in the long run.

Planning ahead and exercising caution can help everyone in the house live a happy and cohesive life together.


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