Is It Safe For Your Cats To Eat Insects?

The term ‘bugs’ refers to small, crawly-creepy legged arthropods, such as myriapods, arachnids, and insects. However, you must note that there are true bugs like assassin bugs, ants, cicadas, and aphids that do not apply.

Popular bugs/insects include fleas, bees, June bugs, houseflies, ants, bumblebees, mosquitoes, termites, and many more.

Cats usually feed on most of these insects and bugs. This article will inform you on whether it is safe for your cat to consume insects and bugs.

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Why Cats Hunt Bugs And Insects

Like any other hunter, cats love pursuing, chasing, or stalking and pouncing on their prey. Furthermore, they make good use of their sense of hearing to detect any movements, as well as their acute sight.

For the most part, their preys are amphibians, birds, reptiles, rabbits, squirrel, mice, and rats, which make up a proper diet. However, they will also consume some bugs.

Cats do not hunt insects and bugs due to hunger. Moreover, they are not suitable sources of protein to sustain the feline’s diet; you should understand that this falls under their natural behavior.

Cats’ brains have evolutionarily adapted to running after any small moving thing, and not even domestication can alter this adaption. After catching these insects and bugs, they are likely to consume them.

However, these bugs have the potential to bite or sting cats. The fact that the cat might hunt insects and bugs does not necessarily mean that it will feed on them.

Most likely, though, they will; always be on the lookout for stings or bites in case your cat needs to go to the vet.  Try your best not to let them eat the bug or insect, just to be safe.

Your cat can consume insects and bugs just out of curiosity. A butterfly, for example, is likely to attract the cat by its beautiful color, especially on the wings. A housefly does the same by its buzzing noise.

Dangers Of Cats Consuming Bugs

There are a few safe insects and bugs that your cat can feed on without experiencing any problems. However, most insects and bugs are likely to cause gastrointestinal upset, such as diarrhea and vomiting, that may require the vet’s attention if it does not resolve within a short duration.

Some bugs are poisonous, while others can feed on your cat’s blood.
Some bugs can bite or sting your cat, leading to an allergic reaction, which could be localized or anaphylactic.

On the other hand, several insects have intestinal parasites, such as tapeworms, which are stomach worms, even though the danger or risk is very minimal.

If you are going to use an insecticide to manage bugs in your house, you need to go through the given instructions, since some of these insecticides are poisonous to your cat.

If your cat consumes a bug that is poisonous, you should keep an eye on them. They may just vomit and that will be the end of it. If the condition persists, however, make sure to see your vet immediately.

Insect And Bugs That Cats Can Safely Consume

There are several bugs/insects that your cat can safely. This includes small (non-poisonous) spiders,  most moths and butterflies, small house centipedes, most ants, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, and more.

Many others are likely to be harmful and poisonous, so keep a close eye on what your cat is catching and trying to consume.

From the above information, you now have a clear understanding of whether your cat is safe to eat insects and bugs. Therefore, monitor your pets whenever necessary so that they do not consume poisonous insects and bugs.


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