Why a Cat Might Reject Her Kitten

Why a cat might reject her kitten(s)

If you have ever had a pet cat and she has given birth to a litter of kittens, then you might have noticed that your cat has not been very motherly to her young. While this is not always the case with new mama cats, there are a number of occasions when a cat will reject her newborn kittens, which could be for a variety of different reasons.

Here, we are going to share with you three of the main reasons that a new mother cat might reject her kittens and what you might be able to do to help her.

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Reasons and Solutions to Help Your Kitty and Her Litter

If your cat has just given birth to a rather large litter, then you might find that she is rejecting a few of her new kittens. This is because there is simply not enough milk in her body for her to feed all of her newborn kittens in the litter. For this reason, she will reject one or two, or possibly even more, so that she can save the milk for the other cats that have been feeding.

Keep an Eye Out for the Rejected Kittens So You Can Make Sure They Get Fed

Keep an eye on the size of your new litter and if you feel like it is a big one, then pay attention to the behavior of the mama cat and see whether she is rejecting any of the new kittens. It is likely that you will notice this rejection within the first day or two, so make sure to remove those rejected cats from the litter so that you can make sure they are getting the feed and the nutrients that they will need to grow.

The Mama Cat Could Be Too Young

Some new mama cats simply are not ready to be a mom. If your cat is very young and she has just given birth to a litter of kittens, then it is likely that she won’t have those natural maternal instincts to raise her new kittens. This can be very confusing to a young cat and, while some of these young mama cats do manage to work out what is going on and what they are supposed to be doing, there are some which never do.

Call Your Local Vet for Some Guidance

If your cat is a very young mother, then it is important that you make sure to help her understand what it is that she should be doing, giving her the guidance and support she needs to be the best mama cat she can be. A good idea is to call your local vet and ask them for some first-hand advice on what would be best for your cat and her kittens, given your individual circumstances.

Check the Litter for Sick and Deformed Kittens

It might sound a bit cruel, but some new mama cats will actually reject a member of her new kitten litter due to the fact that they have some sort of illness or are deformed in some way. While this can often be the runt of the litter, that is not always the case, and if one of her kittens is ill, she will reject it in order to protect the rest of the litter from becoming ill.

You May Have to Nurse the Kitten Back to Health

The best thing for you to do if you notice that one of the kittens is ill and is being rejected by the new mama cat, is to take that kitten away from the rest of the litter so that it doesn’t make any of the others sick, which would result in more rejections from the mom. Help the sick kitten to get better and make sure it can feed in an alternative way, restoring it back to full health.

There are so many occasions when a new mama cat might reject one of her kittens, so make sure to observe what is going on in the early days to catch if there are any rejections taking place. Removing the rejected kitten from the litter is always the best and first approach to take, while it is also a good idea to contact an expert for some advice on what you should do next.


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