Why People Shouldn’t Own Big Cats

Why People Shouldn't Own Big Cats

There are many different types of pets you may own through the years. When you first start planning out which pet should join your family, your first thought most likely isn’t to get an exotic cat. But for some people, this is exactly the kind of pet they want. However, no matter how cool these big cats may be, it is not a good idea to own one as your pet.

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Back to big cats again 🙂 Some of the reasons for this include:

Big Cats Costs A LOT of Money

The biggest issue for a lot of people is that it will cost them up to $25,000 just to purchase one of these big cats. This is before you get to any of the large maintenance costs. Since a lion can eat up to 15 pounds a day, that is going to cost you a ton.  

The Cost to Feed Them Goes Well Into Hundreds of Dollars a Month

Even underfeeding them and only providing eight pounds of meat a day means that you will spend over $210 a month just to feed them. Most people do not realize how much it costs to feed these cats and maintain them, and this can cause the big cat to get into even more harm as they get abandoned or sold away.

The Transporting Process is Sometimes Inhumane

Since most states and countries say trading these big cats is illegal, there is a black market for the animals. It brings in a lot of money due to this, but it also means that there are no regulations and the cats can be treated horribly. The cat is not cared for well, is transported improperly, and is sold to the highest bidder, even if that person can’t take care of them. Many times, this will break up families as only one cat out of the family is captured or the bidders do not want more than one cat at a time

Big Cats are Dangerous

No matter how much you may admire these big cats, they are wild animals to the bone. They like to travel, stalk, and hunt down prey. They are some of the best hunters out there, being skilled and ruthless all at once. When you put them in captivity, you take away their chance to do this hunting and they will get frustrated. Overall, these big cats may look impressive, but they are dangerous to keep around.

A Big Cat is Not Cuddly

Big cat cubs are cuddly and cute and while they stay little, they are not too dangerous. However, you will find that they grow up to be very large, with sharp teeth and claws and weighing in at over 500 pounds. There are many stories of big cats that attack their owners during playtime. The cat may love the owner, though this is not proven, but they like to play rough and are big, which can cause harm to the person who owns them.

Captivity is Not Good for Them

Many times, just having the cat in captivity is enough to make them go crazy. This captivity causes a lot of stress on the cat and can lead to something known as psychosis. Do you feel comfortable sharing a space with a natural-born killer who is large and potentially unstable? This type of psychosis can be shown through pacing and aggression and can cause them to attack the people around them because they aren’t sure to how to act well.


You may want one of these big cats in your home as a pet, but it is usually not a good idea. Even if you treat them well and try to keep them happy, you are not providing them with lots of room to roam, time to stalk their prey, and many of the other things that they need to be happy and healthy. And this could cause them to go crazy and really start to lash out.

It is fine to admire these big cats for all their beauty and power but do so from afar. Do not bring them into your home and try to raise these wild animals as your own. It will be a sad story for everyone involved.



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